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About Lisa

Being on both sides of the special needs world as a parent and special ed teacher, my passion is to share what I have learned throughout my career with families who are just entering into this journey and provide them with information and strategies to make today better than yesterday!

I have been the parent spending countless hours online and reading books on how to best help my son talk, follow directions, and behave in public only to have the information but still feel confused about how to use that in our daily lives. I didn’t take my son to a restaurant, library, or grocery store for over a year because it was just too hard. Sound familiar?

My experiences as a mom and teacher drive me to share what I’ve learned so you don’t have to waste any time on strategies that don’t work or require months on a waiting list to get!

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Explore practical resources you can begin to use today to understand how autism affects your child’s development and use your child’s strengths to build new skills and navigate through behavioral difficulties.


Communication Planner

Get this handout to plan out communication opportunities for your child during daily activities.


How to Teach Following Directions

Read this handout for activities and strategies to help your child learn to follow directions.


ABC Data Collection

Before we can fix a problem behavior, we have to know why it happens in the first place!  Use this simple form to get started.

Lisa Is A Godsend

“Lisa came into our lives shortly after my son was diagnosed with autism. I’ll always remember how quickly she was able to connect with my son, and the compassion that was always evident in her practice. During the course of her services, my son evolved from being nonverbal, misunderstood, and almost always frustrated, to being engaged and full of joy as he learned to connect with the world around him. My family will always consider Miss Lisa to be a godsend.”

Chelsea M.

Everything She Said Was Gold

“Lisa was the first person we saw through our Early Intervention Program in regards to our son’s developmental delays when he was only 21 months old, before his autism diagnosis. For every concern I had, Lisa had an answer, tools, resources, or techniques to help. Everything she said was gold, and I treated it as my bible. James made SO much improvement during the 11 months he worked with Lisa. He went from throwing hour long tantrums to being able to communicate his needs through signs, visual boards, and simple words, and also learned how to wait calmly for the items he asked for. He even started feeding himself during that time, which he hadn’t done before! To this day, most of my knowledge and skills in interacting and helping my son came from what I learned from Lisa, and I am so grateful she was able to help him so early in his life!” – 

Brandy D.

Grateful for Lisa's Personal Approach

“At 18 months old our daughter was diagnosed with ASD. She had no way of communicating with us and seeing her frustrations over this was heartbreaking. We started working with Lisa shortly after the diagnosis and the improvements have been incredible! We were also working with private ABA services that had minimal success. It often felt like the ABA services were just going through the motions and hoping that something would stick. However, with Lisa, she found ways to help our daughter learn that were in line with what she wanted to do and where she was intellectually. Now at a year and a half later our daughter is starting to talk, is potty trained, knows how to communicate with signs and sounds, and is catching up with normal developmental milestones! We couldn’t be more excited for her and grateful for Lisa’s personal approach to helping. Any time we encountered a roadblock we would reach out to Lisa for advice and she would have so many wonderful ideas to help everyone. Can’t say enough positive about her knowledge and true love for helping these children with special needs!”

Justin H.

She's Personable and Patient

“Lisa is not only one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met, but she sincerely is amazing at her job.  She performs with such passion and love and really knows what she is doing.  She’s very personable and patient.  She not only changed my child’s life for the better, but mine as well and supported me and all my challenges.  I was alone, scared, and tired as a single mom with a child with sensory needs and more, but Lisa helped change all of that around and brought back laughter and happiness in our home and hearts.  Thank you, Lisa.  I owe you everything and we love you.”

Cece F.

We Are So Grateful for Lisa

“When we met Lisa, our son Bodhi was 18 months old and wasn’t speaking or even communicating very much other than pulling us to what he wanted. We were at a loss and truly didn’t know where to begin. Lisa’s weekly home visits became a highlight for Bodhi. She also worked with him in class just after his second birthday. There, Bodhi learned social and behavior skills with Lisa and other teachers that aided his speech until he graduated from the program at 3yrs old.

We don’t know where we would be today without Lisa’s expertise and her love for our little boy!! We are so grateful for her and recommend anything she does 1000%!!!”

Summur B.

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